Memo board tutorial

In the spirit of the new year I'm trying to get more organized. It's amazing everything there is to do with just one kid,I can't imagine having more and not being super organized! This is a little memo board I made to put in the hallway.That way I have to walk past it a million times a day. Here's a simple tutorial for anyone wanting to make one. I definitely didn't come up with this,I've seen them all over the blog world.

First get any size frame you like,WITH glass.Paint it..if it's finished wood then sand it first.Saves you a coat of paint..

I didn't take pics for all the steps b/c it's easy to explain. Pull out the back of the picture frame,cut your desired material a little bigger than the actual size,then fold it over and hot glue it. You will probably have to cut your corners but as long as it looks good in the front don't worry about what the back looks like. Then just pop the back back in. Clean the glass first if you need to.

I went ahead and made something to put my dry erase marker in. Just take a piece of ribbon,measure it around your marker and hot glue it. Then hot glue it onto your frame.

You don't have to make a bow but I did b/c I think it looks cute.I glued a thumbtack into the bow but I didn't use it as support. I went ahead and used the hanger for the frame.The bow is for decoration.

I just glued it to the back and.....

Voila,a beautiful memo board!!! Santa didn't bring me my silhouette I wanted(if you don't know what that is,google it,you will be itching for it!),so I made letters the old-fashioned way,glued it to zebra paper,then taped it onto the glass.If you can't see it due to my spastic flash,it says "to do" at the top,then there's a section for "today" and "this week".

I know lots of people read my blog *although I only have one awesome follower!*,but be patient,it will be super awesome soon! If you make one I'd love to see it.

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