cheap apartment living room

   Did some minor changes to my living room. I'm finally happy with one part of it,especially b/c it was so inexpensive to do! I will give a run down so far.... Pics on wall...made the silhouette myself,got all the frames at Helping Hands for $12. Made the picture ledges out of 2 pieces of trim that were left over from the picture ledge I made for my bedroom(just cut each one in half,making 4,then screwed them together),total-$8. Printed the pics on photo paper($5) from my own printer. The other pictures I found on Pinterest and printed out. Pillows;actually have two of each...the diamond ones were on sale for $3.47 a piece at Kirkland's! Other one I was trying out the fabric(wrapping around old pillows),but decided I like it and have since made them($12 worth of fabric). I made the ladder myself($5,see post below),the blankets I picked up from $1 bin at Helping Hands($3)...this is a must for us,we are blankie people! Coffee table-liked the design of it but the top was bad($10. Screwed some boards to the top,stained them($10 for boards,which INCLUDES the ones I used for the entertainment center..). The bowl and green scrolly thing on gallery wall were $2 at Helping Hands(of course,my fave store!). Then I just tossed some books on top to make it look homey and encourage reading.
coffee table before picture. There used to be some straw mat looking thing on top,my son decided to help me paint,we quickly realized you can't paint over straw... If you can't fix it,hide it!
Entertainment center before....This was actually a roadkill rescue. It had drawers,I thought I would be so creative to put doors on. Still something that could be done but I needed drawers. First diy,total flop....
2nd DIY, added the extra boards from coffee table(just stained same color and screwed on). FINALLY did find the missing handle. SO,roadkill rescue to cute little entertainment center for the cost of a can of paint($11) and a couple of boards. TOTAL spent on living room: $75. Of course there's more to my living room but I've been broke/busy all summer so I haven't got it how I want it yet. You don't have to have a lot of money to have a nice place and you don't have to have a showroom to love walking in your door and feeling proud of your home. Do what makes your life functional and comfortable. 

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