Halloween at the last minute.

I often end up waiting until the last minute to celebrate holidays. At first I couldn't wait to start making wreaths and get out the tree. I even considered getting a white christmas tree that I could decorate for Halloween,Thanksgiving,then Christmas.After awhile I got tired of hearing "IS IT CHRISTMAS? CAN WE GO TRICK OR TREATING? CAN I OPEN A PRESENT?",so now I wait... If you do too(for whatever reason),here's a roundup of good links for costume and craft ideas.
The first link is for adults. Some are pretty lame but most of them you can probably throw together in an hr or less.

This link has diy costumes for kids,some may take a little longer than a couple of hrs but don't underestimate yourself. I once made a transforming transformers costume while my son was at school! It ended up being too big and he spent most of the night with it off but still thought it was amazing.

More super adorable kid ones. I LOVE the stick figure one. I might actually do that for myself!

This is the jackpot for couples costumes.

For all other last minute Halloween crafts and ideas:

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