First living room project is this starburst mirror. I love them and couldn't wait to make one! This is just the standard,small dowel rods mixed with chopsticks. But for an extra touch I hot glued twine around it. But if you chose to do it(personally,I think it would look great against a colored wall),be VERY careful with the hot glue. As you can tell,there are smudges on it,that's from the hot glue. I can't really see it in person but it shows up on camera.Go figure.
 My favorite thing,I actually made these up myself! Atleast that's what i think but something is always thought of by someone somewhere! The "S" is for our last name and the "O" is for my son and the "C" is for me. Everyone who comes over compliments me on them. The other good thing about them is I can just change out the scrapbook paper when I redecorate! The frame for the "S" came from Helping's a store here like Goodwill...It was this really gross looking landscape that had serious sun damage. But the frame was nice,so I painted over the pic.The "mat" is actually just scrapbook paper.
 I wanted to do a hanging lamp in the corner but I kept procrastinating on buying a kit.So to force myself to do it I went ahead and made the shade. I got this shade for $1 at Helping Hands,covered it,and made some flowers. I pinned the flowers on so that if I change my mind I can just take them off and put them on something else. Instead of buying a kit I put the lamp shade on my old lamp(it's one of those that looks like a bowl at the top).
I debated forever if I should put a photo wall here or photo ledge,something with photos.This is the back wall by my front door. But no matter what I did it looked cluttered. So I was poking around Pottery Barn and found some burlap matted frames. Then I went over to Helping Hands...and yes,they do know me there...found a giant frame with another ugly picture,then got a smaller frame,bought some burlap,covered the picture in burlap(after taking out the glass of course). Then I hit a snag. I realized that I had no way of putting the pic in the smaller frame unless I cut the back out of the bigger picture. Well,I knew if i did this I would ruin the whole thing so I just hammered a nail through the pic into the wall. Now it's a snap to change the pic. Even easier than if I had cut a hole in the back! I get lots of compliments on this too!
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