One more post tonight...before and afters

Before. It's cute,sure. But it's not me,I don't think it's very homey and I'm not a fan of brown.I could repaint and maybe I will in the near future,but it's too much work for this busy lady. I definitely need to hire someone to do it and that's just not in the books right now. So I tried to think of ways to break up the brown and add some color.


 Like most of us,I'm on a serious budget. I really have to make do with what I have and add to it with the smaller,cheaper things. So instead of buying or making new curtains,I added white sheers($10 for both) to the brown ones. I think it makes it feel softer and more cozy. To break up the brown floor/couch,I added a cream rug. Honestly,I so badly wanted the brown zebra print I saw but it was $70. Which is still cheap but it's not SUPER cheap! Cream rug,$35!  I found the coffee table at Helping Hands for $20. I think that's a great deal since it's real wood and I like the structure of it. My original intention was to turn it into an ottoman and to repaint the hardware. However I decided to put this off until I get some sort of work space in my house b/c I use that spot to do my homework! I also sewed some pillows($5) to add some warmth(and got a little doggy to add some love!)! So,for $70 I added some homeyness to my living room without having to paint.
Here's another before from the other side of the room. I'd really like to rearrange the furniture but not sure how to do it with the door and cable hook ups being where they are. But like before,it's nice,but it's not that homey,it's not really me. Actually,it's my sister,this is all her stuff! She moved out and is getting married.

After. I'm sure you can't see my mirror that well but it looks great in real life. In another post I added how I made the stuff on the wall. Total cost for the pics,mirror,and lampshade. Around $25. The running tally so far,is $95 for the living room redo. A few things I want to work on:I don't like the area around the lamp and tv. I think it looks like it's missing something. The room doesn't seemed balanced and I LOATHE cords showing!!! If you have any advice on how to  make things really pop,let me know! Your criticism is my future wisdom! Btw,I know the ceiling fan is hideous! However I live in Arkansas and we NEED our ceiling fans.
Last pic for the living room. I don't have a before but there was just a plant there. This I haven't been happy with. I've been debating on putting a floating shelf over there and maybe one of those tiered fruit baskets that go on the floor,for stuff like hats,gloves,dog toys. I still don't know. But it does look better than before. Before there was just a plant on a barstool.

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