Since I moved to a smaller place I've had a hard time with furniture arrangement. There's just There's this super awkward corner that has been giving me grief. I hate things looking unfinished and everyday,as soon as I walk in the door,that's the first space I look at. I've tried end tables(they just didn't look right,I can't explain it). I thought I would put a shelf there but if I had two shelves it would make my living room look more cluttered,if I moved the one I had over there,then the other side of the room would look unbalanced and naked, and I can't move my couches anywhere else. I realized I also needed a place for my ridiculous amount of blankets,and since they match my colors,I decided on a quilt ladder. Since I have no idea where to buy one, I ran out to lowe's and got a long piece of MDF trim($4),had them cut it in half. Then 2 dowel rods(medium width),had them cut the pieces to the width I needed the ladder. Everytime I ask them to cut MDF they say they're not supposed to but then do it anyway. After I got home I laid the big pieces on the floor next to each other,and marked them so I would know exactly where to put the screws and have a straight ladder. Then I just screwed through the MDF,into the dowels. At first it looked like it wouldn't lean properly,but when I finished it it looked fine.Yes,there are exposed screws but I think it looks pretty good.  Just something to consider if you have an awkward space to fill. I also bought a floor lamp to go there next to it but I don't think I like it(hence,the tags still attached). I love the lamp,but not with my colors.

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